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So many northern Californians are SU grads!

If you enjoyed reading about Roger Gershman ’86, Elizabeth O’Neal ’11, Krista Canfield ’03, Katelin DeStefano ’10, Peter Hébert ’99, Chad Rittgers ’01, and Shay Zak ’84, then see what these other successful Bay Area alums are doing! Click on the names below to meet Paulette Altmaier G’79, Hank Greenwald ’57, Philip Kaplan ’97, Jim Morris ’77, G’78, and Todd Rubin ’04.

  • Paulette Altmaier G’79 photo

    Paulette Altmaier G’79

    Paulette Altmaier G’79 has extensive experience in the high-tech industry, from networking infrastructure to consumer devices. Currently, Altmaier is vice president and general manager of Dell Cloud Business Applications, the technology company’s integrated customer relationship management solution for growing businesses.
  • Hank Greenwald ’57 photo

    Hank Greenwald ’57

    As a young boy listening to baseball on the radio in his native Detroit in the 1940s, Hank Greenwald ’57 was captivated by the stories told by Tigers announcer Harry Heilmann, himself a Hall of Fame player. Greenwald went on to pursue his dream at Syracuse University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in radio and television.

  • Philip Kaplan ’97 photo

    Philip Kaplan ’97

    Entrepreneur Philip Kaplan ’97 is  the founder and CEO of startup incubator ADHD Labs. He was previously the founder and CEO of AdBrite, an internet advertising company that grew from zero to $30 million in annual revenue in its first three years.

  • Jim Morris ’77, G’78 photo

    Jim Morris ’77, G’78

    Jim Morris ’77, G’78 is general manager and executive vice president of production at Pixar Animation Studios. He oversees production of the studio’s features, shorts, DVD content, and theme park activities, and manages studio tools, systems, development, and human resources departments.

  • Todd Rubin ’04 photo

    Todd Rubin ’04

    Todd Rubin ’04 is a vice president responsible for new business development, sales systems, and new product development for The Republic of Tea, a family-owned and operated company based in Novato, California. Utilizing his architecture background, Rubin oversaw the design of the company’s shipping center and its headquarters.