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Every gift makes a difference

Gifts to Syracuse University make a real difference to today’s SU students, including more than 200 who hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are just two of them.

Lara Moock '16

Lara Moock ’16

Born in Germany of Egyptian heritage, Lara Moock ’16 attended a French high school in Munich, and was looking for an international college experience. She found it at Syracuse University. “My first day of class in studio, I highly enjoyed meeting people from around the globe,” says Moock, a junior majoring in architecture. “It is great to be surrounded by so many different cultures.”

Syracuse University’s beautiful campus and the highly ranked School of Architecture helped clinch her decision to attend SU. She is more than pleased with her choice. “I think SU’s best qualities consist of its strong effort to provide a multicultural and worldly environment,” says Moock, who has lived in the Bay Area since 2008. “In addition to its international community, and the variety of classes and languages, SU offers great study abroad opportunities.” She returned to Germany for a summer class in Berlin, and has plans to spend a semester in New York City, then another in London.

Passionate about her career choice, Moock has worked the past two summers at architecture firms to gain experience in the field. “I’ve never felt so excited and motivated to work hard for my future,” she says. “I’ve become more willing to risk the unfamiliar and immerse myself in new and different situations. SU has made me confident about my future goals and aspirations, ready and eager for real-world experiences.”

Moock has also sampled some of SU’s many extracurricular activities, including ballroom dancing, whitewater rafting, and concerts. “Everybody can find their path here and discover new interests,” she says. These experiences have resulted in another benefit for her—the forging of close personal relationships. “What has impacted me most is the people I’ve met here,” she says. “They’ve helped shape the person I am today.”

Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman ’16

Syracuse University is thousands of miles from Cupertino, California, but Michael Goldman ’16 had the school on his radar even before he started exploring colleges. His father, Richard Goldman ’82, earned his computer science degree from the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (LCS) and has remained an active SU alum, especially within the college.

After a campus visit, Michael Goldman knew he liked SU and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. While he’s also enrolled at LCS, Goldman is studying systems and information science (SIS), a new joint major between LCS and the School of Information Studies (iSchool), in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase.

This non-math-based degree establishes a technical focus more from the user perspective—versus the developer perspective—incorporating both hands-on computing and information-management experience. Working in design-oriented laboratories, students in the SIS program gain computing skills and knowledge to design and build software and information systems, combined with an understanding of how to apply these abilities in a real-world business environment.

Goldman is just beginning his college years, but he’s already off to a great start. He made the Dean’s List his first semester and is enjoying his studies. “I’ve met many interesting people, both students and faculty, and already feel like I’ve been exposed to lots of different ideas,” he says. “Most of all, I’ve enjoyed making new friends.”

He’s also looking to get involved with the Raymond von Dran Innovation and Disruptive Entrepreneurship Accelerator (IDEA), a partnership between SU and The Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse that works with student entrepreneurs to start new business ventures. Goldman is hoping to lend his film editing and graphic design services to student start-ups looking for such talent.