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Musically inclined

Ose.OgbeideOsamede (Ose) Ogbeide ’19 has plans to eventually become a doctor, but right now the economics major is working on making a name for himself in the music industry.

Where in the San Francisco area do you live and what high school did you attend?
I’m originally from El Sobrante. For the past two years, I’ve resided in Alameda and attended Clovis West High School in Fresno.

Share any unique aspects to your life prior to Ssyracuse University that have shaped who you are today.
During my high school years, I formed a songwriting duo with a close friend and independently released two short albums. Little did I know that by through producing music projects, I was developing project management skills, learning data analysis for marketing, and other executive directing functions that would serve me far beyond my work in the recording studio.

Tell us about your experience as an SU student. How is your experience different than that of other students?
My freshman year, I signed a record deal with an independent label and launched my own personal music brand. I wrote and produced my first solo album, and also helped write songs and co-produce for other artists on the label. All while studying courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. Though I have taken a few classes in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, I am not a music major. So by living in these two worlds, I’ve had to develop a split-mind. Not only to be artistically sensible and push my capacity to innovate creatively, but also become well versed in macro- and micro-economics, as well as philosophical discourse. I created my own path to follow and have met so many amazing people along the way.

Why did you choose to attend SU for your undergraduate degree?
Coming from California, I wanted to jump as far out of my comfort zone as possible. I had an insatiable hunger to explore and was driven by the anticipation of all the wonderful possibilities that existed beyond high school. I had never visited campus prior to moving in freshman year. I also didn’t personally know anyone that attended the school at the time. It was ultimately wonder and curiosity that drew me to campus. SU has a natural allure and to this day I still can’t put my finger on it—the University just has a divine appeal.

What is your undergraduate major and what are you studying now?
Economics major, philosophy minor.

What do you feel are SU’s best qualities? What makes SU stand out from other universities?
The strong sense of community is what elevates SU to an exceptional tier. From classmates, to faculty, advisors, and administration. Everyone in this network is very supportive of each other and forthcoming with sharing information to help advance and empower one another. The institution as a whole moves cohesively as one unit. We are all linked through the Orange spirit.

What is it about your SU experience that has impacted you the most? How have your SU experiences changed you?
Finding myself. Finding a new center in a radically different ecosystem. SU gave me the power to establish a solid foundation to build my dreams and ultimately help the world transcend boundaries and benefit all together. This was the perfect beginning to my career journey.

What are your aspirations for life after graduation?
I’m currently aspiring to enter the entertainment industry, working in finance for a record label in Los Angeles. After several years of gaining valuable work experience, I plan to apply for medical school, ultimately leading to becoming a psychiatrist. After earning my medical degree and publishing a series of philosophy books, I plan to establish a medical practice in which a holistic approach for psychiatric treatment is applied. It would inculcate forms of musical therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma-related stressors in combination with Buddhist meditation practices and Eastern philosophical methods of homeopathic therapies.